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Oct 26, 2012|

We look at the Top 5 Walt Gray burger joints in the Sacramento area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're starting a tradition here every Thursday 7:30 in the morning Waltz best. Today my favorite burger joints in Sacramento if you know me like cat and Chris do you know I'm all about burgers. Dive bars things like that so every Thursday -- just tell you -- my spots. And so we wanna hear what your favorite burger is -- we have some -- is some game rules. Local right we would like a local we want local or local burger joints they're a lot of nice restaurants in town they do a tremendous firmer and there's some chain places when I'm doing burger. Joints where that's what they do burger -- tell us your favorite -- enjoy your favorite burger and why because it's all in the deet tails I like the pepper Jack you're the blue -- -- you give us a call 7665734. My feet. It Walton -- -- in your future if you give us a call there's a lot of discussion going on right now on my blog which is it to the eagle 969 and then FaceBook dot com slash eagle Sacramento a lot of you already checking in. With your favorite burger joints -- Oh we got we got -- Cathay Ross fired up a little early. Everyone's got to him 7665734. If tell us about your burger your burger joint flight BA -- degree murder in every -- -- -- medium well sheath -- if we can't medium -- tomorrow on live well everything everybody's their -- it's OK in no particular order and I've been very proud over the years -- have done a fair amount of recent. Every -- -- shot -- I'm gonna mention a few here right and I'm like I said there's going to be places that you may be you know the listener has been to you good people out there a -- is off abroad -- sixteenth in Sacramento. Got a great shakes and Ben getting used to on the dialogue opening day. And they are big with the chili -- Phillies has been around forever. They their real popular spot at lunchtime flonase a nationwide meets at nineteenth NH they do what's called the French ground steak burger. And they do those big wedge potato Fries. I was probably going there I've been their goal there for about 25 years that name there's it's it's known -- since nationwide -- nation you know exactly which again that's right -- squeezing in our everybody knows the squeeze they've expanded they've got several locations now they used to be down on true ridge they moved just a little. A little bit up the street there there's one in Roseville squeeze out cheated on her. Her skirt cheese -- several locations as we mentioned. Travis does a real nice job they cook the burgers and -- freeze this that cheese with ice yeah and it's weird to watch him do that they've put base they put water and then they put it a little hat over it and -- -- You get a cheese skirt I don't I I've never been now that. Bad habit is a little bit -- a chain so I'm -- and MM a little -- there are Sacramento to San Diego they -- six locations or real nice variety of burgers they have a very good following my mouth is watering right now I can see that predators -- -- her bed -- thank -- -- radio -- Denny he's the long standing downtown predation on Wall Street fantastic it seats about eight people yes they do -- in the back. I've been going there for 25 years GM of GM it's Jim and Danny's Jim van -- was flipping burgers. When I was starting to go there that -- have been around since 1930 fault I must say I'm Jim Denny curious OK yes check it out downtown. Fans and old -- you know they've got so much going on down there with a cold Beers curly Fries and they have a very nice selection of burgers. Now the one I'm leaving for -- the last year is a place that I recently discovered a couple of months ago and unlike almost addicted. Because I like the blue cheese. All I -- blue cheese. It is O'Malley is in old sack which is right down the street from Fannie ends. They put on gobs of real blue cheese the burger is tremendous. They put two giant pieces of what Canadian bacon Omaha and I'm telling you you'd need a shower after you got there yeah you know it's that good -- it's. Vacation in your -- You had me you have to shower and -- who might not so get an idea as well as a good thing you had to be above. -- -- look we got some phone calls everybody's passionate it's it's a hot button issue. This is all great show good morning what's your favorite spot. My favorite spot at age credit -- on -- rich. Really why tell us. It's as far go at an -- about 67 years. It's every song they've got a little -- grill it like three byte three. They make -- bet she'd heard around. Okay what's the name of the place again. Jordan were the joy you I have heard. I've heard of that place I did know that day it was burger heaven and there thank you so much for your phone call -- -- I mean everybody's got. Their favorite spot you have more assignments. I yeah heck yeah this is a tough thing -- tough free search for me to go out on and and figure out all these places them. And you are in the eagle talk about a murder plays good morning and I'd like to throw out shout out to -- drive it -- been -- That's -- I know Taylor some bacon cheeseburger. Any kind of shake you can imagine yet they're shaken list is from the ceiling to the floor right it's unbelievable and all that they have that that surprised that. Accentuate that burger. You know any any excuse to get to Loomis is fine by me I love the downtown area south they killed eagle morning show this is -- -- Chris good morning what's your favorite burger spot. Cookies cookies -- sack on H and Elvis correct. A cheering that -- ever mentioned 57 I've been to cookies many times you know I goal and their generally for the shake. But cookies is one of those old east sacked traditions and -- say it's a good -- spot to. Owner -- curry birders are greater America it's not great -- just so you know just so I don't hear my friend thanks for calling 737 were talking all things burger. Of people going to be eating lunch today about 930 or ten angry at this it just also good on good morning here on the wall grace show. -- that California yes sir would you spot I'd ever -- so burnt out bones roadhouse. Where is it. It's important now. Pleasant valley just a little bit of -- drive but maybe you -- -- why is it dubbed a great burger my friend. -- -- great burger -- -- the other day you are talking about can't see it why are you apt way to fly apart. What makes the -- so good that you waitresses. -- waitresses make a burger -- -- that's that's awesome I knew when we started well I think it'd be it'd be like. You throw at any hot topics people are loyal. And a -- You needed about food and lunchtime and burgers I mean -- pretty well -- -- there is so much grilled bun not grilled bun cheese no cheese which condiments medium rare well done at my heads exploding Caesar no seeds on the -- right onions knowing it is. I'm confused -- I'm doing the Walt gray burger today downtown we're going to be at -- Residents marry out which is what fifteenth and now right around there it's -- -- government appreciation day there's actually a Walt gray burger. So was slide on down their between eleven and one and out and join me for some. Meat and we're still I hear from you what are your favorite burger joints in the area 7665734. And FaceBook has blown up already and as we got about fifty comments. FaceBook dot com slash -- Sacramento tell us where is your favorite burger joint in northern California. Ratio 96 point nine eagle were talking about. My favorite burger joints we call the -- best segment we're gonna do it every Thursday at 730 its burgers today next Thursday. Probably be dive bars that kind of goes well when -- when a -- Our FaceBook is blowing -- many of you are passionate about your favorite spots as -- a global malaise and old Sacramento. We will gonna read some of the FaceBook posts but hey we're gonna go back to the phones this is the -- great show what's your favorite burger joint. -- -- -- -- My favorite burger joint actually moved around a little bit at the crush burger. Yeah the -- -- love a love a lot of love why -- -- why do you enjoy them. I've been named Jim Berger is that he and despite pulled pork with the cold blood everything on. -- coordinate our third. Yeah no -- Awesome I need now is also very significant crush burger it is thanks for the call good morning -- your favorite burger joint in your partner at enterprise. Why do you like down. Our current air it out -- about -- -- is it like a vacation in your -- yeah. All right thanks John thanks for college while great show good morning what you name what's your favorite burger joint. Yeah -- -- are you. Are sometimes. Play ever god damn alarm clock elegant cut off the Gerber on playmaker great burger. Great cheeseburger -- weren't surprised they grilled by and there's this talk about it is really really great. Hi this is a -- great show who is this what your favorite burger joint. Much they could well have a -- like. I hurt and root out and -- Sacramento. That's a great spot what what are hurting you like specifically. Article guacamole or go to follow this week and I suspect it's green and it up a little bit -- your partner -- people -- -- Kroger. Three -- my friend resurgent and so hungry thanks for the call. It that it. There's there's nothing better then on especially on a kind of a cool day. A cold frosty. A single double triple -- I mean -- that's what that's what I that's how I do if I think I had I can shamelessly say that I would eat a burger in the morning is a breakfast items easily if happily I've seen you -- already this is that there -- daily show hydrating and I've -- you slide some pretty random food. Chris our FaceBook is blowing up here my blog is posted already and we're getting a lot of feedback on that -- everybody's favorite spots what are you hearing from the people some people I totally agree with you burgers and -- Davis for monetary and Wright loves that place a -- burgers from Sara Gomez guy Tony -- a wave as saying Tommy jays in Davis. -- -- -- is a fan of the buffalo chips and -- city says the family -- for forty years business great burgers and homemade pies so that I was featured in the LA times. I think a field trip was an order I love life. I coming zero and I know -- -- the next couple weeks. -- great show we'd love to hear your favorite burger joint sponsor give us a call 9167665734. We still have room on the growth to -- your favorite joints. On the fire and start cook and arm up and so everyone's got an opinion everybody and we talked about it. -- -- not a real meat rare -- on -- men say we -- she -- types -- rockets fired up the -- there's a marvelous included you know the squeeze then obviously -- he had a big fan diners drive hasn't died yet -- the -- -- the squeeze. The sleeper -- -- -- is O'Malley is an old -- because I love blue cheese and I love. They can. And that place is just false and fire I mean I'll sneak away some times just to go there for the blue cheese -- it's that good so if if we got a song ending you're not in the studio -- -- can't we should look for you there -- O'Malley will be showing myself. Off you have homework I you know we know we knew that we we -- don't go figure we got 4050 different new places to visit. It's amazing those of you have been participating in the show thank you so much we've got lose burgers and highlands was just mentioned dad's kitchens. The burger saloon in -- -- -- it is in Auburn not to be confused with -- Kia in northwest sack you know a guest fees diner in Sacramento. So many -- been phoning him with -- all of your favorite places. And you really can't go wrong again burger joints. Not the chain's profits rise to over -- local. I don't wanna say -- that little love mom and pop place -- we wanna hear about we've got like seventy comments on FaceBook people that's contributing yes bidders -- FaceBook dot com slash eagle Sacramento jumps out at me. I'm from any spur she says the flaming -- on alchemy you know why give so many different options of different -- -- to meet -- my favorite is the alligator burger -- ostrich. They have I like it might have wild boy war but that place is famous when you go where we were doing a story on the TV side for different burger. You would just go there found -- ground round and I'm good you know 7665734. More phone calls plays what's your favorite burger joint where steaming toward the lunchtime and wherefore hungry we're all hungry so. Learn what is. The -- Bob Keller turn the propane on he is allowed us to start to grow old little bit early today we're talking about your favorite burger joints Bob Hayes is here. Bob said cafe rock burgers. Are the best because of the value Bob. That's straight we we can offer burgers at the cafe Iraqi crisis we just -- The real content can do another some good burger places and Tony talk a lot -- but and today via the -- -- perfect for PO value. Four -- can't -- put an end okay our -- the condition -- so when the -- arrived. It's so bad that we get of little cut its price we pass it onto our. Almost every day and you'd be surprised I mean come in for. And we have Eagles lilac or blue plate you can -- friends the burgers or dirt cheap because they're literally made out of durst I really -- I've heard raves about the E. Coli -- everybody loves Allen best. Our chef Bob Keller joining us approvals sneak preview his show today -- -- assured AB action packed so we've been getting a lot of your calls. And let's go back to the phones is is a while great show who's this. But I Sony. That -- the best record to write it and record that I would probably in England -- that. You're the first what do you like about it. Other there -- huge burgers or like apple founder gorilla in. C we talk of workers size definitely matters because you -- ever supposed to eat anything bigger than your head but the equipment. -- hey thanks for your phone call appreciated happy lunch. Particularly at -- -- show good morning what's your name and your favorite burger joint. My name is -- I don't believe her words -- -- district community. Hey great burgers there everybody thinks just hot dogs and got fantastic -- -- works and the law is so interesting to read their also. All right burgers burgers at the -- works they go thanks for the call -- great show good morning what's your name and your favorite burger joint. Jerry correspondent. Burger mountains -- What do you like about it -- alone should burn it out there than. -- cajun. -- burger. That is not bomb. Only I think I'm in love play you know I want to sell surely title I have to throw -- is -- -- spy it's about the size of -- a small restroom -- -- killer a burger Stasi -- like a facial and massage -- your chowing down that's a sweet deal nice. Yep yep. -- think all of good weatherman. -- great show good morning what's your name and your favorite burger joint. Good morning well this is Mike pardon bomb in my favorite burger joint is a nation. On sunrise boulevard. Just north of Madison in that first I. And why do you like yet. I love I love their variety of workers it is not a that. -- won't change the stated that northern California chain based out of the Bay Area with just the one location in the Sacramento region. Hey James -- -- -- gray wolf great show you got a funny story about bone drug house what's -- for the condiments. They give you a whole -- of paper towel. -- the word go Warren and you or right because their burgers or so are some. I like the earth. What what are your likes it what what's so great about the burgers James. The burger hip bones or help -- 100%. -- All the organic no added that don't preservative. It is unbelievable. A -- it was shout out. Jessica. So so waitress and -- like -- it remembers is that they are 100%. Incredible. And apparently the burgers are very juicy if they give he'll hold ruled paper towels for gods say you wanna impress Meserve with the poncho. -- horrible. Paper. Wolf gracious and.

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