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Ian Anderson

Mar 28, 2012|

Jethro Tull's legendary frontman talks with Bob Keller.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning mr. Anderson how are you today. Poll pretty much the same level as yesterday but that's from me to be grateful for. Well you're -- older and it looks like mister -- robust stock is now forty years older and it brings us to use against a -- number -- for I was pretty excited when they heard this news I really love the original. He has. Yeah sort of mixed feelings about it for a long time that side -- begins. Fool around with -- planning some. Forgotten that -- last year and decided that it might do it rekindling their late prospects of creating a sequels some forty years later which is in the -- filled me with a dread head. Thought -- send them. Fascinate me once I had an angle. An angle clearly was what was terrible bus stop you doing today involved with the simply on The Who will be. Today. And so one -- sight challenged upon those notions -- sudden -- it also does slip into place some. In this basis. -- just 23 weeks but mostly out of. Obviously volley aged you know since those days alive hopefully some of ESCO wiser some of -- didn't. But this is very much a record of today that -- it's it's not it's -- through tall AT and Anderson in some fine musicians and you'll please assemble some real great players and this on we've been introduced to his call banker -- banker wins. Which is a very timely to say the least so. There you have a really great -- Affect just that about him does that work when you say is not just very I mean all the guys who played on the record have played as members -- just -- so. Have to make I have to make that -- -- -- role at some point middle latest numbers that just -- oh deficit that's. 28 different people over the years playing in the -- and I think perhaps more. Six simply make you look you you. Might think abouts in terms of how to describe the make up the bad news it doesn't have too much involvement it. That's best perhaps the most extreme difference keeping the guitar players played for the all but the first year just 6000 systems put in that was just disaster zone so playing familiar. Mainstream. Classic. Just hotel repertoire of them in a -- and it'll be in the guitar player of the whenever red is stuff that's. Perhaps a little more. Outside the the classical repertoire balks then I usually choose just. Have different musicians that I think of them. In the Booth -- from me just -- -- when it comes to doing things with symphony -- -- -- court -- so that -- success is sort of -- I'm a look at football manager to pick the right place for the team. One this. -- is a brick to what the Easter I guess I assume the guys on the record will be to guys who would do your tour with you you've got a couple of North American tour is in the fall -- a pricey. This is well. The group of guys. Wonderful. You know so you thinking about putting together some kind of piece of work and and so I didn't think his effort to come back to you to sort of put you in that and goad you into this new project. I mean it has been a long time it's been forty years. Well SS level is always -- them. Had the the very negative feeling about revisiting 1970 twos and some. Some sense of misguided nostalgia for times come I really couldn't see me doing a follow up took. -- Colombo because a break and it was them -- and when they. Everywhere and certainly when I felt I actually have. The the mechanism to make it -- can -- an -- them that I -- get excited about it but that didn't happen and so justice says. That was -- of them I was older is adamant I would never do a follow up to pick as a -- And have given it in a bit of sort several times over the years -- -- -- it was suggested to me. Record company is. Journalists. Phantoms and it's it's it's been. Fairly regular tour and so it has been suggested strongly that might be a thing to do but I and the system find their way to do it has confirmed that. The release of immigrants and good concept that would make it work. And remember that occurred to me I thought right well this is these things sometimes just happened at the right moment so that. It happens to be yes suppose so there. Well -- quite yet the fortieth anniversary of of because of break it was approaching disciple level -- all -- quite -- while I'm in the movement which was back in. January February of last year but I know I'll keep it on ice until 2012 which will be the fortieth anniversary and and and I used soaring around doing that as opposed to them. During the many other things that I was doing during last it is also some concerts and also places. An eagle over that the first half a dozen records -- in jester tells career and and it is such beautifully complex in and mine. You know mind -- and end is so rich in the textures in the tradition of the lyrics and all that I think to myself. I don't think I don't think your record like this could make it to I don't think this kind of music. This is kind of like a tiny piece I'm not hearing anything. Even close conceptually to it -- -- It that you're in the first ten years of its existence. I don't think that he's it would have a chance in today's modern quote pop world. So it's come. Quite agree that doesn't I think you're entirely right -- -- think it's as much of attempts to them. To be successful on that level -- I've never expecting huge commercial success from doing. Attempt to sequel to pick as to -- I've never really gone into that within either of them from making -- -- Or even even giving you command to let them. Artistic -- to blast my way I mean I'm fully expecting to be. You know shut down in flames Cleveland there and tried to do the concept of the -- 2012 but somebody's gotta do it because there's an awful -- -- -- -- and repetitive music out there and and don't make it seem like a good idea to try and create says. An antidote to the X-Factor disease. And and you know sensitive maybe -- the man to do it but in terms of success I'd be very pleased that -- the people who come themselves in this. Just sort itself -- sat act quite like the new record. The thin Arlington I would think that that would be. That would be pretty good you know at the end of the -- agreement with that outcome absolutely it it made it may not be profit may -- 5% inside and -- that the latency well. Com of course an end to where were you were working forty years later in this milieu of a border contemporary society is at least in this country and that familiar with your progress to the world specifically that. Here in America. It it's it's gotten. Not very pretty you know tough for a lot of people you've always been. In my opinion. Break there was social commentary. He never stepped back away from it. I mean I've interviewed I interviewed you for years ago. I first saw you in 1969 just are told the Miami jazz festival. I was doing radio then and I went to the jazz festival to see guys like Roland Kirk and in -- and Gary Burton and all that and at the end of the show they had this rather odd English band. That came up enclosed at the Miami jazz festival I don't know if you remember this game you know I'll put. I but I remembered quite quite well nice to do with my mouth open you -- you he's played this game yeah I mean it was. It was it was rather like winning a Grammy I think we would sort of put in the wrong categories for some reason people sorts. The I -- with the organizers of the festival has had assumed that we would some kind of jazz group and and maybe. Didn't realize that we receive a bunch of really quite young guys to really couldn't Clarence in this very well celebrate. We're just the just finding out seats it was it was certain. Not a little bit in a lot of the -- -- and the company. -- many legendary jazz musicians put some I greatly. Admired and he's provided that -- the -- appreciate that music relative that. Very integrys Syrian and are probably the Rockefeller the civilian that's it and with introduced a -- certain. The time -- been a reputation for. You know certain hostility to the other of other musicians really didn't -- it in the right but he was very polite very sweet to -- and and actually was really them. You know kind of supportive I think he -- I think he was actually a little bit reflective about it done. One of his seasons which is pretty early automatically playing life. It was an appealing for about three months that the sterile cuckoo mediation thing. Yeah it was it was quote serenade to a cook's journey to the movies that. It was a piece that was played to meet. But friends after I've been playing -- maybe just two months and and my friend can't -- any kind of marquee club and so now -- you know. I spoke about Obama's trip to the task on America he sounds a little bit like you check it. And what I -- -- and they're playing on the went on to record he was -- down effect split. It was. It was a distillation reveal where I'd -- -- started playing with live by date did sing along the -- singing many. The lines that I was playing on the -- that and I used to do in terms of its top let him -- that they don't let me. Singing and playing the same time we have been it was it was just something that -- encrypted also. Developed to -- to degrade and and I 21 of themselves -- an instrumental display of states. So it was it was a very. That's frustrating that my brother -- and I just -- brief little moment you know we we sort of some kind of mutual respect summed. Many years later -- susceptible. To. Met -- it was Saddam was very. It was very kind of her words to me about them. You know that but the political involvement but. I love of this so called open. I suppose some people appreciate there's word to my development group that. Well I'll tell you it definitely thinking guys held appear -- that day and I remember as as some of the period started to get up and leave. You guys opened up with that whatever their first number was and my my -- was right back down on the seat NFL while this is different what is this and he just got better and better from that point on I mean really you guys my -- guys -- -- tell you the concept. Really came in and niche that just really wasn't being. It really wasn't being. Discovered much at that point you know as a whole than that to me I've always been -- -- synthesis of all the different music's in your music the blues. They you know the folk that -- classical baroque stuff. Mentions nobody was doing that -- some fans were trying to do it a little bit around that time but. Jethro -- was a concept and it was it seemed to me fully realized -- it first hit the stage back then and 69 I just thought. This thing is a complete deal here. And so. I've been a fan ever since I guess is what I'm getting. Well thank you very much for the kind words. End now we have another reason to be happy although I noticed that the tour that you're doing well really at this point at least take you. Close to where we are here in northern California and Sacramento. But. It does look great in I've been -- following Gerald bus stocks. Evolution here he's got his own FaceBook page apparently. Gerald does did you know that. Well let's try this it is either too good effort to overcome. Then you'll find -- live links to into the news. It very. Translations. Of FaceBook pages and streaming some some sort of of the album it's. -- -- up on our web site -- that should help. They they agitated that I am not so well educated. -- -- newcomers isn't just a little bit more about and so we re trying to make it sort of this comprehensive. Uninteresting as possible. If they -- have simply dot com well worth the visit if you'd like. Little of that slightly. So real -- you know you've heard that I think there's something I have tried to. Continue -- that is the boards of close comparison with the original presentation of of the album cover and in some ways -- I really have tried to make it. Part of continuity that musically speaking of -- is speaking if it's. It's. You know it it has little relevance of flashback that I mean let's it's just. It stands to live music group and around the room but you can hit the key to over the -- Trying to marry -- the elements of things for the perhaps from another era. But still give the contemporary. Relevance of the contemporary feel it's kind of important badly but the -- jazz -- And I really pleased with David good here basically it -- the other political and -- just based on this record -- and what that they haven't played back and -- conservatism. And I thought that was a nice -- that we have some of those same instruments some. And continuing with -- but musical talent that that that audio power that is I think. An important part of continuity with some. It's some as one of the areas where we've. We keep the they is that the feel of the the original problem going to. And I have no desire to go back and try and write the music and it was written the air out so it. Some some some some of the best comparison scientists jump into that world -- the way I write music and write lyrics today. You'll be able to see the similarities in the parts of continuity of this of this -- now. It's very literate I -- what you do is is very. He did the language he uses his rich and full and texture in and -- or anything. In any comes out also on the new -- banker bet banker -- the single we have -- we need you to have to live. Are you going to through until the little twist that you used to do when you performed. Tabloid like the good news and weather breaks and you know stuff that inner missions in. I'm trying to visualize in my mind because I've also heard rumors that it's possible. Second half the show maybe -- -- -- brick. The original. So. Well -- -- with the mentally let that run them over the the break -- to with a -- and and -- commission and -- -- your visit to another. Aspects of and to statement to do little more theatrical flavors it's it's them. It's. It's a production and so. We will be presenting the music and in a conflict with something will make people smile keep them interest rates. It you know at least group and how proud of which are they'll run screaming for the exit doors let me have it here. So it's very get go it alone along to certain books and some. Along surplus that the performance and will be -- and it'll be a bit of the race to succeed and get get get get I haven't caught -- in that first. -- Okay well I'll keep my eye and the horizon looking for this production to hit our town and -- -- willing that Ian. As always is it has been this is at stake in the third time we talked in the last forty some years been a pleasure talking with -- -- I just love what you do you're. And.